Wanna Come Join Us?
We’d love to have our friends and family come join us on portions of this trip.
We have six main hubs that we’re traveling from. Note that the dates are approximate!
Auckland, New Zealand - Nearly a month on the north and south islands. Like trekking or any kind of adventure sports? This is the place! Arrive around Dec 18, depart Jan 18.
Bangkok, Thailand - Nearly 4 months in Southeast Asia. Come see the wonders of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, northern India, Nepal and Tibet. Thailand, Cambodia& Vietnam are roughly  Jan 18 - April 2. India, Nepal & Tibet are roughly April 2 - May 30.
Cape Town, South Africa - Safari more your style? Come see Madagascar, Tanzania & the Great Migration, South Africa and Namibia. We’re here nearly 3 months. Arrive around May 30 depart Aug 20.
Lisbon, Portugal - 2 months in southern Portugal, Spain’s Costa del Sol, The Rock, and Morocco’s Tangier, Casablanca and more. Towards the end of this segment, we also trying to set a couple weeks of volunteer work in Niger. Arrive around Aug 20, depart Oct 15.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - The starting point for 4 months through South America. We start in Rio, go south through Uruguay and Argentina, then back up the west coast through Chili, Peru, Ecuador. Then it’s on to Central America to see Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize. Arrive around Oct 15, depart for the US in Jan ’09.

Sound too good to pass up? Check out The Route to find the places you’d most like to see. Each bubble has comments on when we’ll be there and what we think we’ll be doing. Then leave us comments on the blog or email us to make arrangements.The_Route.htmlmailto:advnut2000@yahoo.com?subject=We%20Want%20to%20Join%20You!shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1